Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting Organized!

I just joined the CPSA last week. Since then I have been visiting the websites and blogs of fellow colored pencil artists from the members list. I have been gleaning ideas and tips from others -besides being amazed by the awesome talent. One of the first tips I read was to organize your colored pencils by color. Why hadn't I thought of that? Here I am sitting at my desk with my cute little bucket (as seen in my logo) with all my colored pencils mixed around. I must admit I like searching through the colors when working on something. I love color. I love looking at art with lots of colors. I love coloring with lots of colors. But after reading that tip I realized it would be so much easier to find my "Supracolor II Soft Brownish Orange" or my "Faber-Castell Phthalo Blue" if the browns were with the browns and the blues were with the blues.

So today I made a trip to Michael's. I would have went to Hobby Lobby, but they are not open on Sundays and I was determined to have my colored pencils organized. Today.

I found a great organizer and it happened to be 30% off! It is a scrapbooking organizer by Making Memories. It is a carousel organizer. I can spin it around and find just the right color. I love it.

Once I began to separate the colors, I found that they really could be separated even more. So I cut pieces of foam core board to make dividers. So my blues are now divided into three shades of blue. There are the blue-greens (which happen to be just across the boarder from the green-blues in the green section), then the regular blues and light blues, then behind that are the blue/purples(which are directly across from the reds). So on and so forth with the rest of the colors.

I also love the little drawers at the bottom of each section. Here I will keep the little stub pencils that seem to get lost in the bottom of any container.

I am so glad I tackled this project. I feel it will be so much easier to find a color now. And it is still so beautiful to look at all the colors.

Now I need to finish my drawing I should have completed weeks ago.....

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  1. Karol, your work is amazing. Truly. You are incredibly talented, so when you talk of 'being amazed by the awesome talent',stop for a minute and remember that YOU are one of those with an awesome talent. Don't forget that. You are one of the best artists I've even come across, and my MIL is a superb artist. She holds a drawing group in one of the sheds in her garden, and is a very talented lady.

    Totally loving your organisation of colours! Perfect. I am the same with my embroidery threads. Most of the time they're a knotty muddle, then every now and then I'll spend a few hours untangling them and winding around card. Then I can't stop looking at them, thinking how neat they look and how easy it is to find the colour I want!

    Anyway. Lots of luck with your art, you deserve it.

    much love, as always xxxxx