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Monday, November 3, 2008

Beach Home Progress

This is progress on private residence in Seagrove Beach, FL. Almost done!

Next I will be drawing The Nester's home. I couldn't wait and began the sketch for her home over the weekend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Autumn Berries

I took this closeup photo of a Firethorn bush months ago. I just love these evergreen bushes with the bright scarlet berries. I can't help but stop and take photos of them when I am on a bike ride. This will be on my drawing board for leisure drawing. I have been collecting some great red and orange pencils that I will get to use for this picture; "Pale Geranium Lake", "Crimson Red", "Permanent Carmine", "Deep Vermillion", "Pale Vermillion", "Scarlet Lake", "Dark Cadmium Orange". Oh, and greens; "Amber 1710", "Olive Yellow", "Mustard", "Oak 1730", "Felt Green", "Spring Green", "Light Olive", "Olive Green", "Apple Green", "May Green". I love color! I can't wait to get started on it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Getting Organized!

I just joined the CPSA last week. Since then I have been visiting the websites and blogs of fellow colored pencil artists from the members list. I have been gleaning ideas and tips from others -besides being amazed by the awesome talent. One of the first tips I read was to organize your colored pencils by color. Why hadn't I thought of that? Here I am sitting at my desk with my cute little bucket (as seen in my logo) with all my colored pencils mixed around. I must admit I like searching through the colors when working on something. I love color. I love looking at art with lots of colors. I love coloring with lots of colors. But after reading that tip I realized it would be so much easier to find my "Supracolor II Soft Brownish Orange" or my "Faber-Castell Phthalo Blue" if the browns were with the browns and the blues were with the blues.

So today I made a trip to Michael's. I would have went to Hobby Lobby, but they are not open on Sundays and I was determined to have my colored pencils organized. Today.

I found a great organizer and it happened to be 30% off! It is a scrapbooking organizer by Making Memories. It is a carousel organizer. I can spin it around and find just the right color. I love it.

Once I began to separate the colors, I found that they really could be separated even more. So I cut pieces of foam core board to make dividers. So my blues are now divided into three shades of blue. There are the blue-greens (which happen to be just across the boarder from the green-blues in the green section), then the regular blues and light blues, then behind that are the blue/purples(which are directly across from the reds). So on and so forth with the rest of the colors.

I also love the little drawers at the bottom of each section. Here I will keep the little stub pencils that seem to get lost in the bottom of any container.

I am so glad I tackled this project. I feel it will be so much easier to find a color now. And it is still so beautiful to look at all the colors.

Now I need to finish my drawing I should have completed weeks ago.....

Monday, October 20, 2008